What ingredients does it take to make you?






Beth is made of puppies, wood, and moonlight. With a dash of Disney.

bettina is made of chocolate, bronze, and honesty. With a dash of Billy Joel.

fuck yeah 

Tia is made of rocks, intelligence, and Mother Nature. With a dash of MONSTER TRUCKS. 

Victoria is made of hopes, creativity, and Chaos. With a dash of T-REX.

Erika is made of love, flour, and shadows. With a dash of Godzilla.

That’s pretty accurate. 

Olga is made of adobo, Gospel, and ocean. With a dash of fanfiction. 

LOL. I do like all of those things. Awkward.

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    I’ll go for it… Creativity/imagination, genuineness, and carefree spirit. With a dash of pure heart. And sensitivity. :)
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    Jacqueline is made of skulls, creativity, and kindness. With a dash of T-REX.
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    K— is made of apples, foxes, and volcanoes. With a dash of Bear Grylls. TRUER WORDS.
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    CastleinaBox is made of hyenas, gonads, and moonlight, with a dash of explosions. That’s scarily accurate. Crap, they’re...
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    littlestarpu is made of salt, Fantasy, and sunlight. With a dash of Billy Joel.
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    Soul is made of Punk, copper, and shadows. With a dash of Oregon Trail SC is made of flour, milkshakes, and servitude....
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    Anna is made of tired, power and kindness. With a dash of the east.(I can roll with this)
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    Soup, honey, rivalry, with a dash of T-rex!
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    Cooper Anderson is made of good luck, love, and Order. With a dash of Pokemon.
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    Alisa is made of friends, bananas, and volcanoes. With a dash of YouTube. //en.shindanmaker.com/219278
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    sierra is made of Opera, spice, and happiness. With a dash of Power Rangers.
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    Jen is made of books, tigers, and sunlight. With a dash of Batman. Ah hell yea. how do they know!?
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    Sammy is made of wine, Opera, and chaos. With a dash of Muppets. Yeah I’d say that’s accurate.
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    Water, 35 litres. Carbon, 20kg. Ammonia, 4 litres. Lime, 1.5kg. Phosperus, 800g. Salt, 250 g. Niter, 100g. Sulphur, 80g....
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    Jordon is made of hatred, enemies, and mistrusting. With a dash of Batman.